The frames you wear can say a lot about your personality and lifestyle. Making the right selection can be daunting but we are here to help! The expert frame stylists and opticians at West Michigan Eyecare will guide you to find a perfect fit for your personal style and visual needs. We have over 1000 frames in our gallery, and are always bringing in new brands and styles. We are proud to offer quality products and great value, and most frames come with breakage warranties at no extra cost.


At West Michigan Eyecare Associates, we pride ourselves in offering the latest and greatest products within the industry. Not all lenses are created equal, and we feel it’s important to provide you with quality lens technology. Our experienced opticians are well-educated on the most advanced lenses and treatments within the optical arena. We incorporate the latest techniques and technology utilized to properly outfit the best pair of glasses possible.

Anti-Reflective Treatment
Crizal Anti-Reflective treatments offer a plethora of benefits. Most importantly, they offer every patient the best vision possible. In addition, anti-reflective treatments have an appearance which is far-superior to an untreated lens. Every lens treated with Crizal products is accompanied with a 2 year, no questions asked warranty.

Digital Progressive Lenses
One of the most magnificent advances within the optical industry has been the introduction of digital progressive lenses. Digital progressives eliminate as much distortion as possible while offering the clearest vision possible for the multifocal patient.

In a digital world, the Eyezen lens reigns supreme. Similar to a progressive lens, the Eyezen lens incorporates slight amounts of magnification in the lower portion of the lens, helping to alleviate eye strain.

Crizal Prevencia
Crizal Prevencia is a form of Anti-Reflective which blocks harmful High Energy Visible (HEV) light. Patients spending more than a few hours a day in front of digital devices are optimal candidates for Crizal Prevencia.

Lens Materials
There isn’t a single lens material that satisfies every patient’s needs. Every lens we dispense has its own unique characteristics. Our experts will recommend products that suit your individual priorities.

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