Dry Eye ManagementHere at West Michigan Eyecare Associates, we are excited to offer the latest treatments available for dry eye.

Your tear film is essential for maintaining ocular health and clear vision. Your natural tears are secreted and maintained by the glands around your eyes and eyelid function. When you do not make enough tears, or have inflammation in your glands, you may have medically diagnosed dry eye.

There is no specific cure for dry eye. We focus on treatments and products that help to improve and restore your natural tear film and ocular surface. For some folks, over the counter artificial tears and ointments may work well. Depending on your needs, one may work better for you than another. We also use the latest prescription drops to decrease inflammation and promote more natural tear production.

We also utilize temporary and non-dissolving punctal plugs. These block the natural drainage of tears allowing more of them to stay on the ocular surface. At West Michigan Eyecare, we often start with a temporary plug and if we get positive results, we then look at a more permanent arrangement.

With new technology, like our Oculus Keratograph, we are able to image and evaluate your tears and gland function to see if LipiFlow treatment is appropriate for you. The Lipiflow system is a new type of treatment for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), which is the most common cause of dry eye symptoms. This 12-minute in-office treatment combines therapeutic heat and massage to go beyond symptom relief and treat the underlying cause of your dry eye. To learn more about MGD and the Lipiflow treatment, visit dryeyeandmgd.com

If you have any questions about dry eye, please contact us today at (616) 949-8500 or schedule your next appointment online.