– Appointments Required – Mask Required – Please Come In Alone –


Pre-Visit Screenings / Confirmation Calls:

  • All patients asked if they have known exposure to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, or exhibited known COVID-19 symptoms (e.g. cough, fever, shortness of breath) in the last 48 hours.  (IF YES, we will schedule appointment no sooner than 2 weeks from the date of the call)
  • We require all patients to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth during their visit.  Even with the latest recommendations from the CDC for fully vaccinated people, masks are still required in HEALTHCARE SETTINGS per MDHHS and MiOSHA orders for the time being.

In Clinic / Exams:

  • Patients are again asked the screening questions above upon arrival.
  • Patients instructed to wash hands immediately upon entering the building.
  • Patients must come in alone, with the exception of minor children with one guardian accompanying.  Patient and guardian must both be masked.
  • Hand sanitizer available at multiple points around the office.
  • For Optical Services- only one patient allowed in the building per optician.  We will ask you to wait in your vehicle until the next optician is available.  Whenever possible, we will dispense orders to you curbside to maintain proper social distancing.  If you do enter, your temperature will be taken and a mask is required.  Call when you arrive during office hours and we will assist you.  616-949-8500

Staff Protocols:

  • Staff will be asked the same screening questions above before every shift, and temperature checked for fever upon entry to the building.   Staff will not be allowed to work if they are ill or have had known exposure to someone with Covid-19.
  • Staff will wear masks at all times during shift.
  • Frequent hand washing, including before and during each patient encounter.
  • No staff will be allowed to congregate in any area of the office.  The Six Foot Rule of social distancing will be maintained whenever possible.

Cleaning Protocols:  

  • Equipment is sanitized after every patient (kiosks, microscopes, lenses, keyboards, counter tops, exam chairs) including all surfaces a patient may have touched (arm rests, pens, door handles, etc.)
  • Additional cleaning of all surfaces and counters in the office.
  • Our optical staff are using strict disinfection protocol for eyeglass frames and sunglasses.  No frame will be put back on the frame board without being properly disinfected.  No patient will be allowed to freely browse in optical without assistance from a staff member to ensure cleaning standards can be upheld.
  • We’ve removed all shared materials (magazines, pens, toys) from waiting rooms.
  • Discontinued coffee and beverage service until further notice.

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